World IA Day Switzerland is an annual one-day conference celebrating Information Architecture. Listen to fabulous Swiss and international speakers and meet other IA and UX maniacs.

No matter if you are new to Information Architecture or an experienced professional, let's get together and share the ways Information Architecture makes a difference in our lives.

What is Information Architecture?

Information Architecture (IA) are structures that we use to make sure that the information people need is easy to find and to understand. So when you use a website, a mobile application or go into a store and you can find what you need and everything makes sense, that means the information architecture is doing its job.

What is World IA Day?

World IA Day connects the world through Information Architecture. World IA Day is a one-day annual conference organized by the Information Architecture Institute and held simultaneously in dozens of cities across the world. More infos:

Who is the WIAD for?

Information architects, user experience designers, business owners, content specialists, developers and all you web enthusiasts.

This was WIAD Zürich 2017

Andy Fitzgerald

Designing for the Human Scale


Clementina Gentile

Designing (with) Language


Gabriela Patil

A Writer, a Designer and an Engineer Walk into a Bar…
A Creative Take on Structuring Software Information


Lara Portmann

Architecting Conversations or What IA Can Learn from Conversation Analysis


Victor Zwimpfer

How Does Structure Inform Strategy?

Reto Lämmler

Trends in User Research Methods

Esther Brunner

Make Prominent Visual Elements Accessible!

Frederic Schwarz

Mapping the World from the Inside: Designing a 3D Platform for the Web

Michael Schranz

From Idea to Final Screendesign


Sara Wachter-Boettcher

Design for Real Life

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Andrea Rosenbusch UX Architect & Partner, Zeix
Fabienne Gafner UX Designer, Less A Mess
Laura Sgier UX Architect, Zeix
Mak Abdennabi Product Designer
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